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Twelve Ways

5 December 2020 to 6 February 2021


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An avid art collector, Dr Hewson was invited to curate Twelve Ways, commenting on his selection, “the exhibition really starts with Ian Waldron’s The Pale Horse, 2020. Although the work has a grim, topical subject, it is really about deliverance from the maelstrom with a path to freedom. The bright reds and blues of the work escape to the more tranquil world of the other eleven selected artists. All of the works, although quite diverse, have been chosen because of commonalities and confluences. They all echo each other in some way, mostly through colour or form. The other main theme is quiet contemplation.” This latter theme is explored by Melbourne abstract artist Matthew Johnson in Hybrid II, representing his journey into country with Ian in 2019. Matthew explains that for him, his circular motifs have become something of his own totem, not dissimilar to Ian’s sculptural Bloodwood poles.