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Lightning Strikes (twice) 




Medium: Fabricated bronze and stainless steel forms

Size: Each 160x116x15cm


Senior Warlpiri artist Michael Nelson Jagamara, MNJ, (b.1946 Vaughan Springs, NT), is an internationally renowned artist whose work is held in numerous private, corporate and most public collections in Australia including the National Gallery of Australia.

MNJ with a long and celebrated history of experimentation and collaboration has designed an angular ‘crooked lightning’ motif, which has been distilled from his Rain and Water Dreaming narrative. Hard edged jagged forms representing " a big flash of lightning" have been variously translated for fabrication in polyurethane, stainless steel and bronze. The angular base section of the sculpture refers to the travelling path of the storm and the three zig-zagging strikes denote a big weather event! Whilst his iconic forms refer to traditional designs, these polished metal sculptures are also about capturing and refracting the light at various times of the day.

Courtesy: The artist and FireWorks gallery Brisbane

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