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Matches 2: Rod Moss - Crossing the Great Divide

29 March 2019 to 4 May 2019



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crossing the great divide   crossing the great divide   crossing the great divide

Rod has been living and working in Alice Springs since graduating from a Masters of Art at Monash University.  The imagery he draws and paints offers viewers a closer look into Aboriginal daily life in the desert.  Rod’s graphic works appear to focus on the mundane; the poses by the Aboriginal subjects in his work can often confront one’s knowledge and ignorance of Indigenous life.  Enlivened and challenged by the traditional lifestyle and the urbanisation of the Arrernte families, Rod has devised a method of combining painting and drawing which depicts the realities of a life lived, coupled with a symbolic and heroic narrative.  Rod will be launching two books in conjunction with his exhibition.  Rod’s memoir; Crossing the Great Divide as well as Blue Moon Bay “A laugh-out-loud story set in a small Australian coastal town, with weird and comically absurd characters and some surprising additions to the Aussie vernacular”.