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From the Sea

26 March 2020 to 2 May 2020


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from the sea   from the sea   from the sea 


From the Sea features a selection of North QLD artists (Alick Tipoti, George Passi & Glen Mackie) working in printmaking and timber sculpting. Showing for the first time at FireWorks Gallery, Tipoti, a Torres Strait Islander, is a master printmaker who is guided by the traditional cultural practices of his people. Bark paintings by Yirrkala coastal artists (Djirrirra Wunungmurra, Nawurapu Wununjmurra) are displayed alongside paintings by Lockhart River artist Samantha Hobson, Mornington Island artist Sally Gabori and Brisbane-based Alick Sweet with three of his colourfully painted, handcrafted ‘croc’ sculptures included.

Sunshine Coast artist David Paulson’s portrait of legendary Torres Strait Islander artist Ken Thaiday was painted whilst they worked together in Cairns 2010 with mentoring projects. This artwork captures not only the character of the artist but the associated stories that echo in the background.  For over 20 years Paulson has painted many Indigenous artists portraits, often as entries into the Archibald Prize (AGNSW).