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Samantha Hobson: Willa Blo Punga (Tide of the Fish)

10 September 2021 to 16 October 2021



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samantha hobson   samantha hobson   samantha hobson

Samantha’s exhibition title work Willa Blo Punga is explained by the artist, ‘Willa is the movement/ rippling of the water caused by fish swimming. When we are fishing in the estuary – in a boat or from the bank - we know there are fish around because you can see the willa of the fish. That is how you know it’s a good fishing spot. Even when you are dragging a net you look for the willa to know where to drop the net.’ This estuary is also depicted In Wuntalpa season ‘Auyu’ where the brown foam attracts butterfish, which will bite! The mangroves here contain shells, crabs and fish which are collected for food. The centerpiece of the exhibition is unashamedly the 5 panel work Fish jump, a tribute to the artist’s expression across a larger scale and format.