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Motherline: Charmaine Pwerle, Barbara Weir & Minnie Pwerle

29 July 2022 to 3 September 2022


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Three related Aboriginal painters Charmaine Pwerle (daughter), Barbara Weir (mother) & Minnie Pwerle (grandmother) are exhibited in Motherline. Though FireWorks has consistently shown the work of Barbara Wier & Minnie Pwerle, the gallery is excited to present Charmaine for the first time. This new body of paintings by Barbara & Charmaine has been recently created in their Alice Springs studio. These are accompanied by selected works of Minnie Pwerle’s, painted two decades earlier. The resonance in the stylistic influences is still apparent, even decades later.

Barbara’s Grass seed paintings are visually quite different to that of both her mother & daughter. Her evocative painting style captures the movement of a breeze through the grasslands. Subtle choices of melding colours create an invigorating yet tranquil glimpse of desert terrain.  The work of Charmaine Pwerle proudly echoes her grandmother’s - both wholeheartedly focusing on Awelye, the women’s body-paint designThese energetic, gestural markings reflect the traditional body paint adorned by women during their ceremonies. Whilst both styles are festive & playful, Minnie’s lines were often thick & bold, while Charmaine employs a thinner stroke with the occasional use of dotting.