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Ian Waldron: The Gulf

14 July 2017 to 19 August 2017




In an exhibition of new work titled The Gulf, Kurtjar artist Ian Waldron, showcases his oeuvre developed over many years of practice.

A collection of acrylic painting, print and sculpture/installation, this show portrays themes and motifs characteristic of Ian’s past work, such as portraits of rural life, symbols of heritage & ancestry and evidence of his early career, painting signage for supermarkets. The artist states, “Recurring motifs in my works comprise characters, sites and memories which are important to me, such as Bloodwood totem and native life on Delta Downs Station up in the Gulf of Carpentaria”.

The diverse mix of works harnesses all of Waldron’s skills; his academic training in the visual arts; techniques learnt as a self-taught ticket writer and as a practitioner across multiple mediums.

Whilst, for this exhibition, Waldron is accessing a reservoir of imagery from his portfolio he presents them in new and experimental ways. Works have been painted and printed on various materials including paper, aluminium, canvas, PVC, acrylic and even cushions.