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HARDWIRED: Laurie Nilsen

25 March 2022 to 30 April 2022


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Laurie Nilsen install   Laurie Nilsen install

 Nilsen (b.1953 Roma QLD – d.2020 Ipswich QLD) was an artist directly responsible for the rise, understanding and appreciation of Indigenous art in Brisbane and surrounding areas. The artist’s most recognisable image is that of the life sized barbed-wire emu sculptures such as Goolburis on the Bungil Creek. “I’ve always thought of the barbed wire knot as a mini sculpture. When you study it, you realise there’s only two strands of wire that make up the four prongs.” (The artist, 2016.) In The Scar series (2010) the artist continues his investigation of the knot, here turning to paper and working with softer colours which contrast starkly with the harshness of barbed-wire Nilsen itself.