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25 March 2022 to 30 April 2022



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lin onus   Lin Onus   Lin Onus

When it comes to Onus’s (b.1948 Melbourne VIC – d.1996 Melbourne VIC) unique blend of Indigenous and Western visual imagery, Michael Eather commented that there exists “…no distinction between the political and the beautiful (1997). Eather is excited to announce that Djon Mundine OAM will be opening Hardwired. Mundine curated the current group exhibition Dingo Project at the Ngununggula – Southern Highlands Regional Gallery at Retford Park, NSW. The ‘Lin Onus & Michael Eather’ room will be re-installed for at FireWorks Gallery for this exhibition, including sculptures by Onus and Eather (MMXX, 2020) alongside the limited-edition work on paper Michael and I are just slipping down the pub for a minute  with the iconic ochre-striped dingo surfing a rarrked stingray atop a Japanese Hokusai-style wave.