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Walala Tjapaltjarri: Tingari Arrangements

6 May 2022 to 11 June 2022


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Walala Tjapaltjarri lived nomadically in the Tanami Desert until 1984, before he and his family - dubbed The Pintupi Nine - wandered into Kiwirrkurra, a remote outstation near the NT/WA border. He began his artistic career in 1991 with the classic ‘dot and circle’ style, but soon developed his own distinctive methodology, abstracting and simplifying the men’s Tingari ceremonial designs. Several trips from Alice Springs to Brisbane between 2001-2004 - for experimental workshops with Campfire Group Artists - further amplified and extended the artist’s repertoire. Ink designs on paper from this period appear almost calligraphic, and have enabled Walala to translate his designs into unique sculptural forms including a range of new Tingari works sand cast in bronze.