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Samantha Hobson: The Reef & Other Stories

25 August 2017 to 30 September 2017



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Samantha Hobson   Samantha Hobson

 Samantha Hobson’s exhibition presents several thematic stories in series dealing with environmental observations – the reef, wave bust, fire control, sand, rainforest  and stories from old people. At her recent Brisbane workshop, the artist stated: The old people taught us corroboree dancing, as well as how to make our grass skirts, hand banners and headbands. Our old people taught us how to dance and do body painting. The north and south (Eipy and Kunki) clans would dance against each other for social interaction…Most of the old people in Lockhart have gone now, but we do still paint about them today and talk about them in our stories. We tell our children about our old people who have passed and their stories.