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Samantha Hobson - Fracture

23 October 2020 to 28 November 2020



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samantha hobson   samantha hobson

For over 20 years Hobson has developed a dramatic expressionist style often using vivid and turbulent colours. Even though she avoids representational motifs, the compositions appear loaded with symbolism. Her new series, Flag Waves / Wave Busts are ‘fractured’, coastal seascapes almost bursting with the visual clamour of a land rights street march! Some works feature the distinctive red, yellow and black colours of the Aboriginal flag– itself the centre of current copyright issues. In others, red, blue and shards of white are powerfully strewn across the canvas. Theses choice of flag colours, the Australian Flag, or perhaps the Union Jack, when paired next to the Aboriginal colours might be understood as a comment on a culture clash within Australia’s colonial history?. Adding broader context to the exhibition are additional works from her bushfire and reef series bringing another sense of country into the gallery space.