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Paul Bong: Past & Present

9 February 2023 to 18 March 2023



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Paul Bong   Paul Bong   Paul Bong

Joining the gallery in 2016, Paul Bong’s show, Past & PresentSculpture and Prints features a range of rustic new bronze sculptures displaying elements of his signature rainforest shield designs. These will be displayed for the first time, alongside his handmade etchings and archival reproduction prints. Paul’s latest exhibition Past & Present draws its title from the 2022 book Etching Past & Present (Published by AndAlso Books) detailing the raw passion of his unique artistic practice. Paul’s sculptures and prints contain imagery of fragmented shields and artifacts alongside symbols of colonial regalia. These elements are meshed and layered in a frantic collage that simultaneously challenge, inspire and invite curiosity around the ongoing narratives of Australian settlement and frontier conflicts in Far North Queensland.