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Pat Hoffie: I will tell you almost nothing

29 July 2022 to 3 September 2022



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pat hoffie   Pat Hoffie   pat hoffie

Hoffie’s new body of work includes both domestic & larger scale oil paintings on canvas & paper created since 2019. Here, figures both recognisable & imagined, float in fanciful landscapes, teasing the viewer’s curiosity. These works reflect the chaotic state-of-play in the world since (& before) the impact of the global pandemic. Drawing from epic themes addressed in art history & literature, Hoffie used her isolation to try to make sense of her “fractured, ruptured world view”. Her return to studio painting was “motivated by the necessity of seclusion, & by the sense that painting offers a way of silently trying to make some kind of provisional sense of the chaos & confusion of the world around her”. This exhibition gives a glimpse of some of the works undertaken over two years including a raft of smaller images that continue the focus on the “improbable, the impossible, the incomprehensible, & those small glimmers of light in between”.