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Matches 8: Yvonne Mills-Stanley - From the hill

6 December 2019 to 8 February 2020


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From the Hill

From the Hill represents Mills-Stanley’s 7th solo exhibition over the past 15 years at FireWorks gallery. This title reveals something of the artists daily outlook, looking down at Brisbane from the mountain, as seen in the work of the same title. This impressive collection of 23 delicate oil paintings, depicting real and imagined landscapes, each present ‘grass’ as an ongoing thematic texture. Mills-Stanley comments: “Most of my week is spent in close proximity to rural grasses which, in most cases is allowed to roam free.  In areas where the sky appears close to the earth, I find the sky and grass together become a focus of many of the works.  These intimate landscapes become all enveloping of the canvas.  From the viewer’s perspective these images are a reminder of memories that are evoked of similar places and hills and grasses walked through, perhaps years ago.”


Never simply just a grassy landscapeeach painting by Mills-Stanley creates new contexts and illuminations within her dramatic compositions, such as Haywire II. Rhythmic lines of grass have the capacity to transport the viewer even  to remote parts of Australia as is seen in A quiet place with references from a trip to Tasmania. FireWorks Gallery Director Michael Eather says: “These are superbly crafted oil paintings, loaded with a strong metaphor for the spirit and movement of grass, seemingly imbued with the very fragrance of the Australian landscape. They simply vibrate and shimmer with their rhythmic and deliberate strokes of paint.”