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Matches 8: Woven

6 December 2019 to 8 February 2020


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The works in Woven allude more-so to the intertwining of handmade structures and forms. Included are fibre artworks, by Lorna Jin-gubarrangunyja, Agnes Djunguwana and Agnes Walapirr which comprise of naturally dyed pandanus mats and baskets from Arnhem Land. Woven also touches on ‘weaving’ as a subject in itself, or as an image explored within paintings such as in Regina Wilson’s Durrmu, and in the printmaking mediums of Evelyn McGreen from Hopevale FNQ.  In contrast, the geometric shapes and rhythms seen in Miles Allen's Weaving series directly reference and utilise recycled packing materials interlacing history and texture with pattern and symmetry. A bold and alluring painting by Helen Tyalmuty Macarthy similarly demonstrates a linear pattern of connection seemingly woven into her cultural identity.