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From the Desert

26 March 2020 to 2 May 2020

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From the Desert   From the Desert   From the Desert 

From the Desert is a vibrant exhibition featuring works from Utopia, Central Desert and regions within the Western Desert. Artists from Utopia include the quintessential painter from the 1990s Emily Kame Kngwarreye alongside some of her peers Minnie Pwerle, Gloria Petyarre, Kathleen & Poly Ngal, Cowboy Pula and Violet Petyarre. These artists’ developed painterly styles of expressive body paint designs and impressionist landscapes. Paintings from the Western Desert include key works from Tommy Watson, Dorothy Napangardi, and Maggie Watson Napangardi all well known to major collectors worldwide.  These can be seen alongside smaller works from Warlukurlangu Arts Centre.  Whether its explosions of bright colour or stark, black & white minimalist compositions the works reveal a constant repetition of traditional designs all with their individual interpretative spin. The display also subtly documents the transition for many artists over the last decades from ‘dot’ painting into ‘linear + expressive’ composition.