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11 September 2020 to 17 October 2020


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spring   spring 

For the exhibition Spring, Mt Glorious-based artist Yvonne has on display her exquisitely crafted painting Flight (2015), with defined sections of lavender, blue and green wisps. The artist reflects… many areas of this land are covered by grass where once there was only forest and on the other hand many areas are bare where once lush natural pasture grasses grew as far as the eye could see (The artist, 2015). Yvonne has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions at FireWorks Gallery since 2005. Maleny-based artist David has recently completed The arrangement of Spring (2020), a large-scale painting (183x244cm) of cascading leaves and twigs on a grid of 48 squares, continuing his fascination with colour and design. Also radiating the essence of Spring are selected works by nine Indigenous artists. Yungaburra-based Ian has on display Smoko (Chevalier Sky) (2017) (from The Gulf series), a painting of seven striking horsemen against a part-lavender sky. Every work that I have ever painted is anchored in The Gulf one way or another… As a title, ‘The Gulf’ is my homeland, but also an ambiguous reference to a chasm between two worlds (The artist, 2017). The other eight Indigenous artists curated for Spring are from the Northern Territory. Gloria Petyarre’s Bush medicine leaves (2006) showcases her classic design of Kurrajong tree leaves found in the artist’s Atnangkere country, Utopia. Also from this region are paintings exemplifying purples and pinks by Abie Loy Kemarre titled Sandhill country (2013) and Awelye (2010), as well as Violet Petyarre’s Mountain devil lizard (2008). There are two delightful water dreaming (Ngapa Jukurrpa) works by Lynette Nangala Singleton (2019) and Sarah Napurrurla Leo (2018) from Warlukurlangu Artists in Yuendumu. Also from this area is a feature work by the late Warlpiri artist Maggie Watson Napangardi titled Kana, Digging Sticks (1995). Finally, the powerful purple on white linear work by George Hairbrush Tjungurrayi Tingari (2012) is contrasted with an array of small black and white graphic works, some with green, some with pink backgrounds by Papunya-based artist Michael Nelson Jagamara.