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Samantha Hobson: Lockhart Nights

29 July 2023 to 2 September 2023



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 samantha Lockhart night


Lockhart Nights presents new paintings by Hobson musing on community life after dark. The paintings capture a wide spectrum of experiences including the colourful chaos of the Run amok series. Here the artist explores some of the challenging realities she sees in her community - particularly young people balancing boredom and opportunity. Expressive forms and shapes tangle and merge, mimicking the clamour of kids frolicking at night. Survival on coastal communities is centred around fishing and her new Night Fishing series has allowed the artist to experiment with a darker palette, albeit still with the artist’s distinctive expressions.

A large painting measuring 3 metres Ocean Earth demonstrates something of an equilibrium of emotions that are always clearly visible in Hobson’s paintings. Fractured lines bleed into deep marine blue voids. The artist often reflects that such opposing forces echo her own turbulent life, delicately balanced between a sense of apprehension and acceptance. Flames, coral, waves, and blood are evident in the imagery, but from that point it becomes a passage into Hobson’s emotional connection with her world.