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Rod Moss: Mirrors

25 August 2017 to 30 September 2017



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Perplexing yet always engaging, Rod’s graphic works can appear both mundane and sardonic. Suggestive poses by the Aboriginal subjects simultaneously challenge both our knowledge and ignorance of Indigenous life, with Rod often wryly quoting famous masterworks from European painting history including those of Manet, Bellini and Caravaggio. Rod’s artist statement for “Deep Waters” reads: Renaissance theorist Albertis explained, ’What is painting but the act of embracing by means of art the surface of the pool?’ I’d considered alternate reflected images in the water. What would a contemporary Indigenous youth see? Perhaps a landscape at variance with that surrounding him? Possibly ghosted members of an earlier generation. I wanted to say something about the confusion confronting the present generation, the welter of imagery arriving through social media, the loss of language and relevance of much old story, the displacement from traditional ‘country’. When Jason Webb and I arrived at Wrigley’s Waterhole where I’d planned the setting, recent rain had stirred the water and inadvertently, provided the answer. Jason’s reflection would be muddied.