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Miles Allen & Maruku Arts: Tjukurpa Puṯitja/Bush Stories

6 September 2023 to 14 October 2023

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maruku miles insrtall installation installation

Miles new sculptural works are evocative of the time he has spent traveling, working, and collaborating with Anangu artists in the Mutijulu community. Through his witty sculptural representations of ‘Uluru’ and ‘Kata Tjuta’, we can see Miles transform materials that may be considered ‘waste’ or ‘abandoned’ materials by many… into carefully considered installations. Miles describes his inspiration as “seeing beauty in ordinary things, crossing cultures, and promoting conversations, joy, and humour”.

The works by Maruku Artists are stories of the land and ancestral spirits or ‘Tjukurpa’ channeled onto canvas and wood. Included are paintings by Reggie Uluru who narrates the story of ‘Wati Ngintaka’ (Perentie Lizard Man). Sandy Willie paints ancestral country and sacred men’s law around Kaltukatjara. With raw material from Country and pyrography, Billy and Lulu Cooley showcase a series of ‘Punu’ (woodcarvings) and ‘Kali’ (boomerangs). Veronica Reid is an experienced artist who depicts her country and her father’s Tjukurpa using bright and vibrant colours. Veronica and Miles have collaborated on the work titled ‘Desert Stories’.

Miles Allen and Billy Cooley on Billy's Country, photo courtesy of Michelle Fuentes