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Back on the Land (Breaking Out)

acrylic on canvas

This exhibition brings together the two most powerful influences on Waldron’s life, his Kurtjar heritage, and the Western art world. Working as a ticket writer in his teens was the beginning of the artist’s life in the visual arts, an early experience that taught him the power of a cleverly constructed image.  Waldron went on the study fine arts and has been shown in the countries’ most prestigious exhibitions including the Archibald, Dobell and Wynne Prizes and has been awarded best open painting in the 1995 National Aboriginal Art Award and the prestigious Glover Prize for landscape painting in 2010.  Waldron’s success as a painter can be attributed to an imaginative working of western art styles to communicate the strength and achievements of the Kurtjar people against seemingly unbeatable odds.

Courtesy of the artist and Katrina Chapman 2015

This artwork is available for sale.